Become an Industry Influencer.

Did you know that by 2020, 50% of the workforce will be self-employed?

That could … or already does … mean you!

   #  How do you brand yourself authentically?

   #  How do you market yourself strategically?

   #  How do you sell yourself confidently?

The amazing Jane Anderson is coming to Kingscliff this month for a couple of Training Programs and Masterclasses … but before we tell you when and where they will be held … what is it REALLY all about?

The way to build security in your job or business is to position yourself as the industry expert in your field.  The “job for life” is a rarity today.  Since the global financial crisis in 2008, organisations have become leaner and more agile in their attempts to grow.  They have let go of passengers.  Industry experts and influencers have risen to the top by setting themselves up as consultants who are ready to undertake projects for organisations that now want to engage short-term and flexible resources.

Since 2008, we have seen the rise of the influencer.  Consultants, coaches and industry experts who have gone out on their own have been forced to sell themselves more effectively.  Even 60% of start-ups are created by women who have left the traditional workforce due to a lack of flexibility, earnings and work-life balance.

The rise of the industry influencer has come about for two reasons.  One is that people are positioning themselves to compete in a market with more consultants than previously seen.  The second reason is that influencers are creating an edge in their subject matter so they have greater job security, choice and more control over their careers.

Becoming an influencer in your field has many benefits that will help you grow your practice, business and career:

#  You build greater trust in your day-to-day work, therefore you have greater influence with your clients and stakeholders.

#  You gain more recognition, therefore you are more heard by those you are trying to engage or influence.

#  You increase your choice of the type of clients you want to work with or projects you want to work on.

#  People seek you out for the mentoring, speaking or training opportunities you want to be known for.  This means you spend less time trying to connect with those who don’t understand you, and you don’t have to sell yourself aggressively.

#  You sell less and advise more.  Most people are already sold, as you have the work to show for it.  Trust is built, so you get to focus on the solution faster rather than trying to differentiate yourself, therefore competing on price.

So, if you want to be an Industry Influencer, you have two options:

1.  BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR JOB OR WANT TO STAY IN YOUR JOB:  Dip your toes into the Influencer world with one of Jane’sworkshops to see if you’d like to get started while you’re still in a job.

2.  BECOME AN INFLUENCER:  Get a serious strategy and implementation plan in place to communicate your value to the market as a consultant, speaker, coach or trainer.

August 2018 Training Programs

Social Media for Influencers Masterclass – Monday 27 August 2018

This program is ideal for Influencers and their Business Managers aiming to implement a social media strategy.

Click here to register


Expert to Influencer Masterclass – Tuesday 28 August 2018

This program is ideal for Thought Leaders, Experts, and Consultants who need a communication strategy to grow their practice.

Click here to register


Influencer Coach Certification – Tues 28 – Wed 29 August 2018

This program is ideal for Business Managers, Business Coaches and Marketing Consultants who want to specialise in Marketing and Communications for Influencers.

Click here to register


All Jane’s workshops are being held at the beautiful

Peppers Salt Resort and Spa.

There are limited seats … so make sure you book your spot NOW!


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